The STEP BY STEP project for Ukraine - housing containers/pavilion for disabled people is moving forward!

aktualności, Wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2022

We have received 600 thousand zlotys from Taiwan Representative Office, 70 thousand zlotys from Betasoap sp. z.o.o, 40 thousand zlotys from Foundation "It will work –To się uda" and we will receive one residential container from Rotary Club Zamość (for 85 thousand zlotys). The Association receives also smaller but very important amounts of money from many people and institutions - we use them for constant help to refugees hosted in our facilities (food, medicines, medical care - visits to the family doctor, transport, clothes and shoes, etc.).

In Białobrzegi and Bondyrz we are beginning work on marking out locations and providing electricity, water and sewage connections for a total of 18 living rooms in 9 accommodation containers/pavilions. They will house about 50 people - families with disabled people. We plan to launch the first containers at the end of April, the next ones in May.

We are still looking for funds for this purpose.

Thank you to all donors!


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