charity concert

aktualności, Wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2022

Charity concert entitled. "Children for Ukraine" organized by the students of the K. Szymanowski State Music School of 1st and 2nd degree in Zamość and their Ukrainian guests.

During the concert a canned collection will be made. All money raised will be donated to help Disabled Refugees from Ukraine, who are supported by the "Step by step" Association for the Disabled in Zamosc.

The "Step by Step" Association in Zamosc has been strongly involved in helping Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Beginning with helping disabled children in Krzemieniec, immediate assistance after crossing the border and ending with long-term residence. To learn more about these activities, follow us on Facebook or visit our website.

We invite all people of good heart.

04.05.2022 17.00