Before visiting the mini-residences

aktualności, Wtorek, 21 czerwca 2022

Ahead of tomorrow's meeting with the sponsors of the mini-villages we had a very busy day today. Standard! A day like any other. From the very morning the work continued in Bondyrz, where another housing pavilion arrived, financed by the society and the Taiwanese government. In others, work is still underway to connect water, make a driveway and furnish. In the five remaining houses in Bondyrz, refugees with disabilities and their families have already found shelter. In Białobrzegi all pavilions are already occupied by refugees.
Additionally, thanks to the help of the Attyla Printing House, we were able to hang signs with sponsors, a map of Ukraine and markers of the houses in Bondyrz and Białobrzegi in no time. See for yourself how it looks like...