friendship summer school project

aktualności, Środa, 6 lipca 2022

After a two-year break due to the coronavirus epidemic, we have the opportunity to once again host our Friends from Hungary, from the Peto Institute in Budapest.

This time, thanks to the joint implementation of the "Friendship summer school" project funded by the Hungarian-Polish Non-Governmental Cooperation Programme, we have the opportunity to realise a joint international sports camp in Bondyrz. As part of the camp, fencing trainings ???? will be organised by coaches and young people from Hungary for the Polish group of participants. There will also be boccia and framerunner (bicycle) trainings, which will be carried out by coaches and young people from Poland for the Hungarian group.
Above all, it will be an opportunity to strengthen the long-standing cooperation between our centres, which includes the exchange of experience, knowledge transfer and numerous educational, cultural and sporting projects.