"Together for Hope" - report on the Evening of Charity

aktualności, Wtorek, 20 grudnia 2022

On December 16, 2022, an Evening of Charity entitled Together for Hope was held in the new building of the Family House as an expression of solidarity with Ukraine.

The meeting was attended on the Ukrainian side by representatives of the authorities of the city of Krzemieniec (Volyn voivodeship), Ukrainian media and the "Aurora of Hope" association (partner of "Step by Step" in the project Borderland of Equal Opportunities subsidized by EU funds from the Cross-Border Cooperation Program), refugees living in the facilities of the "Step by Step" Association, friends of the Association from Zamosc, Lublin and other regions from Poland.

The meeting had a hybrid character - making it attended by friends and donors from all over the world.

The evening's program featured performances by children and young people with disabilities. There was also a performance by the Ale Cantare choir in a repertoire with Ukrainian folk songs. Together we sang the Maydan anthem "Give a hand to Ukraine." It was also possible to taste delicacies of Ukrainian cuisine, which were prepared by the Ukrainian guests staying with us. Everyone was able to leave the meeting with beautiful artistic products made by the Association's alumni and staff.

For a couple of weeks, the collection of financial and material resources for soldiers and refugees from eastern Ukraine, who due to the warfare are now living in Krzemieniec, had been going on at the Association's facilities and during the evening. Some of the gifts were already donated on the day of the event. The collection will continue and the gifts will be gradually transferred to Ukraine through the friendly "Aurora of Hope" Association.

The meeting was recorded by TVP 3 Lublin, in order to collect materials for the Event Program. The broadcast is scheduled for December 21 and the program will be hosted by editor Anna Dabrowska. We cordially invite you to watch.