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aktualności, Środa, 22 marca 2023

The Step by Step Association for Disabled Children in Zamość has supported Ukrainian refugees, especially children with disabilities, since the first days of Russia's aggression against Ukraine . The aid consisted of organising short stays of several days with the provision of decent, adapted living conditions (in the Association's facilities), food, clothing, medical assistance and finding and transporting them to their destinations.  In response to a letter (also included in the ECA Newsletter) asking for help with a project to build two container mini-housing facilities for Ukrainian refugee-families with disabled children, the Association received financial and in-kind assistance from all over the world. Among the donors were the Taiwanese delegation, Rotary Clubs from the USA, Germany (Hanau), Spain and many entrepreneurs and individuals. 4 cottages were built in Białobrzegi and 7 cottages in Bondyrz (8 cottages of 36 m2 each and 3 cottages of 54 m2 each). Thanks to the recommendation of our  friends from the ECA and Pfenningparade in Munich (Beate Höß-Zenker and Ernst-Albrecht von Moreau), the President of the Association was able to present the project to Prince Ludvig von Bayern. As a result, the Association received from the Stiftung Hilfsverein Nymphenburg a grant of 40,000 euros, which enabled the construction and furnishing of 1 container of 54 m2.

On 16 December 2022, representatives of the ECA and Pfenningparade participated in the form of an online Charity Evening entitled Together for Hope, during which the Association raised funds to further help Ukraine. The guests from Ukraine present at the event expressed their heartfelt thanks for their help.

Five families currently live in the cottages. 10 children with disabilities attend the Association's special school. Housing, food and other needs are paid for with funds from the Polish government, the State Found of Rehabilitation and the Rotary Club of Hanau.

Maria Krol, President of Step by step