movie premiere "Impossible? POSSIBLE!"

aktualności, Środa, 22 listopada 2023

Introducing a video titled "Impossible? POSSIBLE!"

Can a person with a disability:
- win gold medals for sports achievements?
- live independently?
- attend kindergarten?
- go to a tent camp?
- go kayaking?
- be a volunteer and help others?
- be successful in your studies?
- fulfill your dreams?
- travel around the world?
- shop independently?
- become independent from parents?
- play ball with friends?
- create music?

It may seem impossible.
Watch the video and see for yourself that the impossible has become possible.

Enjoy watching it!

The film was created as part of the project entitled "Promoting the activity of people with disabilities in various areas of social and professional life".
The project is implemented with co-financing from PFRON funds granted by the Local Government of Lublin Voivodeship.