support philosophy

Subjective support - we provide support that respects the individualism of a person with disabilities, his/her specific needs and unique personality that distinguishes him/her from others; that respects his/her right to decide for him/herself

Free support - the cost of all services is covered by public funds (subsidy from the Ministry of Education, contract from the National Health Fund, subsidy from the National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, local governments, etc.) and the Association's own funds (contributions, 1% tax, donations, collections, etc.)

Holistic support - in one place and at one time we provide integrated access to comprehensive, multi-profile educational, rehabilitation, care and counselling services that support all spheres of development of a person with disabilities and strengthen the family

Systemic support - we guarantee access to adequate support for people with disabilities, providing alternatives and perspectives for the next stages of development, starting from birth through childhood, youth to adulthood

Individual and group support - we provide individualized support based on an assessment of the individual's needs and potential, but reinforcing this through participation in a peer group

Safe support - we provide proven support methods based on current neurophysiological, psychological and pedagogical knowledge, implemented by an experienced team in conditions adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and in a sanitary regime

Local and supra-regional support - we provide access to daily services for the local community (Zamojszczyzna) and through counseling, training and publications for a wide audience