construction of the "Family Home"

Let's build together a "FAMILY HOME"!

Therapeutic and caring complex for adults with disabilities

Zamość 24 Kresowa St.

For 28 years the pupils of the "Step by Step" Association for Disabled Children in Zamość have become adults. Because of their severe disability they still need support in the form of therapy, rehabilitation and care. Especially that their parents inevitably grow old and pass away.

Today there is no decent future for them.

In order to help them and be in solidarity with them in their dramatically difficult situation, we need to build a FAMILY HOME for them together.

This challenge has a price: PLN 15 million!

We started by obtaining PLN 2,600,000 from the Regional Operational Programme of the Lublin Province.

Let's go! All hands on deck! Let's become Donors permanently inscribed as the Fruit of the Tree of Gratitude of the Family Home at Kresowa Street in Zamość and in the hearts of its residents!

To follow the progress of construction, please visit our website: